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--- Quote from: JimmyAV2 on November 11, 2011, 04:26:05 PM ---So does this mean Gwen (I believe her name is bridgette hudson; can't find anything online about her) doesn't go nude?
--- End quote ---

I'd like to know that, too. She's extremely appealing.

I would love to see more (and probably hotter) scenes with Nataliya Joy Prieto!

To answers some questions. No, the actress playing Gwen does not get naked. She goes down to her underwear for a few scenes and is sexually aroused mentally but she does not show it all. However, she did do a few episodes of "Femme Fatales" and did do a quick topless scene in that series.

As for Nataliya Joy Prieto, you will see a lot more of her. She has a couple of good sexy scenes in the upcoming "Emmanuelle's Supernatural Sexual Activity" and has some great scenes in the other flicks as well.

Robert Donavan does not do any sex scenes in this series by his own choice.

I know they will be airing "Sexy Bite" and "Rod Steele 0014" a few more times this year, including a double feature dose on December 28th.

Glad you guys have been enjoying them. Thanks for the responses.

happen to know when Sexual Activity is premiering?


11:30 PM 2/10/12


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