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Sex Games: Cancun

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Ok, I finally got to watch the first episode last night. First I liked the setup with Dan and Chloe "planning", they seem real comfortable in these characters. Now the guests. To call Jakob's performance wooden would be an insult to lumber. I'm sorry he didn't come off sensitive, or conflicted just stupid. And that carried over into the sex scenes, just fell flat.

Brea(?) just carried the episode, I hope to see more of her. Dillan was cute, but I'm not sure if she just "phoned" in the scene or this was lack of chemistry, but uninspired comes to mind. Now I'm looking forward to what Michelle, has to offer in future episodes. Now back to the Barrishes. The same enthusiasm and chemistry from the original season is there, almost like they were a real couple.

Now Chloe has always been very thin, but always had an enthusiasm that made up for the lack of curves. However, PAINFULLY thin, now comes to mind. I know she's had surgeries and such, I just hope she isn't having any "medication" issues. I personally feel concerned for her health, and hope she is well.

Overall, a decent setup episode, but not very "hot". Will still follow the next few episodes before any general evaluation is made.

One last thing, I noticed a name in the credits that will cause a stir within the forum. I will only whisper the name as it will send a chill done the collective spine. (look both ways, lean in close and barely audible)......Music by Beeftink

Did anyone notice that Julie Meadows was not in the episode even though she was credited?  I also hate how they failed to credit Jessica Jammer since I was trying to figure out who she was ;-)  Even still, it was a very good start to the show, and I look forward to what happens next.  The plot seems like it will be a bit more intricate as well, so that's a plus ;-)

Hey Robert!
Who do we have to look forward to seeing in episode 3 this week? :)

Robert Lombard:

--- Quote from: mosc_mike on May 15, 2006, 09:01:44 PM ---Hey Robert!
Who do we have to look forward to seeing in episode 3 this week? :)

--- End quote ---

Episode #3 - "Scents & Sensibility"

Sarah Blake as "Dana" - 2 - M/F scenes + 1 - F/F scene

Kevin Patrick as "Elliott

Jamie Huxley as "Kelley" - 1 - M/F scene + 1 - F/F scene

Aimee Sweet as "Chloe" - 1 F/F scene

Lacie Heart as "Denise" - 1 - F/F scene

Three Sarah Blake scenes?!?! 

Whoo fuckin' HOOO!!   :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :love4: :love4:



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