Teach Me Tonight

by Mick on October 17, 2005

Unless they deserve special merit, we tend not to review many older films—especially those from the sex-and-murder era. Teach Me Tonight is one such film, but lucky for us the emphasis is on sex rather than violence. If you can get past the image of the dude with a 22 caliber hole in the middle of his forehead, this movie has some worthy erotic moments.

The bodacious and uncommonly gorgeous Judy Thompson plays the lead role as Janie, as grad student whose scheming roommate-boyfriend Michael (Rob Moser) gets knocked off relatively early, but not before we’re witness to an intense and convincing sexual coupling in the opening scene. If the name Judy Thompson doesn’t register, you’re not alone; Teach Me seems to be about the only thing on her resumé. I find this hard to believe, because here she stands out like a diamond in the rough and is certainly the only—but good—reason the see this film.

I’ll not burden you with plot details since nobody gives a damn about the story anyway. Suffice to say that Janie is suspected of killing Michael and is forced to play detective to prove her innocence. In the process, she naturally has a few sexual encounters. Each will capture your full attention-especially the solo scene where she masturbates while watching a porn vid and, in the heat of the moment, uses her free hand to drip hot candle wax over her exquisite, heaving breasts. Hot indeed! In an otherwise borderline-cheesy film, I’ve got to give the production staff credit for flattering lighting that makes for terrific skin tones and some great views of the her fine form.

For some unknown reason, the video I watched had no musical score whatsoever, even during a nightclub scene as we watch an exotic dancer. In fact, in an otherwise well-captured threesome, there was no soundtrack at all-total silence! Very strange. We’re guessing the music was removed due to copyright infringement; the upside to this is that in most of the other scenes we’re able to hear more of the hushed vocals and deep breathing that normally accompany real sex.

If you happen to pick this one up, you should know that the unrated version supposedly has an extra 19 minutes of sex-scene footage, reason enough to avoid the “R” version like the plague.

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