Killer Looks

by Brian on October 7, 2000

Killer Looks is a movie I’ve watched several times, and I can’t really find anything not to like about it. It has an interesting—if somewhat kinky—storyline, and a bevy of beautiful stars who generate some genuine heat and steam.

Sara Suzanne Brown—who looks well-stacked and gorgeous in this flick—only made a few movies before retiring after 1995’s Lover’s Leap, and here she turns in a great performance as a woman who stages affairs with strangers so her husband can barge in and catch her in the act. They get their kicks this way until, of course, things get ugly with one of their targets.

There are a few famous porn stars in this one, including Lene Hefner, Janine Lindemulder, and Dyanna Lauren (who is billed as Diane Hurley). Aussie woodsman Gerry Pike also makes an appearance as a plumber who gets to bang Sara from behind, on a desktop, and then gets a facefull of her muff before Sara’s husband (played by Michael Artura) pretends to burst in and catch them.

Hot scene after hot scene unfolds in this thriller, including some girl/girl action with Janine and Lene, a whirpool romp between Sara and Artura, and an attempted seduction between Sara and Dyanna that stoked the coals but then quickly hosed them off (damn, that was one scene I really wanted to watch happen). Another scene in a stairwell with Sara, Janine, and Lene starts getting hot and then that scene, too, ends abruptly for so-called “plot purposes”. Attractive stars make this movie easy on the eyes, and I’ve never seen Brown look sexier than she does here.

Anyone who enjoys well-made erotica should rent this movie. It shouldn’t disappoint you and will make you wonder why more wasn’t done with Sara Suzanne Brown, who seems to have fallen off the Hollywood map since 1995. There are some kinky elements that will appeal to blindfold/tease and fetish-lovers, and lots of sexy-looking women getting steamy. Killer Looks is good stuff.

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