Intergalactic Swingers

by Chuck on October 7, 2013

Intergalactic Swingers

The last of the four movies Retromedia shot in February 2013 to be released. And like it’s said save the best for last, that applies here. Another feature with a mostly new cast, a very attractive cast. This one is again led by Erika Jordan with a strong assist from Christie Stevens. Great range of emotions and expressions from Erika Jordan. Christie Stevens got the bulk of the one liners and sight gags, and did a good job with the silliness. As we are dealing with aliens there is a lot of language and dialect confusion. Plenty of variety in the scenes with no duplicate pairings. The scenes run longer than usual for Retromedia. And we have several female/female and threesome scenes.

Ryan Driller plays a scientist assigned to a radio telescope installation with Sophia Bella playing his assistant. Sophia Bella seems to have no scientific inclinations but maybe there is something else afoot. Christie Stevens and Krissy Lynn play the aliens examining Earth for possible colonization. Yes, once again they send only female aliens that speak proper English. Erika Jordan and Tasha Reign play waitresses at a rural bar with Josh Rivers as the ethically challenged bar owner. And since it is a rural bar we have a local hayseed Baily Beetleman.

Soon after the aliens arrive it is discovered that the Earth is in peril from an asteroid. Yes we have seen many alien movies with the Earth in peril but this one has attractive females that are often nude. Was the asteroid discovered first by the scientist or the aliens? Neither the waitress Erika found it while working with her laptop. Turns out she is an astronomy student at the local college, well community college. Attractive female scientist, that’s an idea I can get behind.

Since many viewers only care about the sex scenes we will catalog them here:

Scene One: Sophia Bella passes the time by distracting Ryan Driller from his duties monitoring the radio telescope. A little office sex to pass the time. Instead of a desk, they make do on an audio mixing board.

Scene Two: Christie Stevens confesses her attraction to the female form and since they never seem to send male aliens she has her way with Krissy Lynn. It seems the writers are trying to tell us that in the future men are obsolete. Krissy Lynn is very aggressive and takes the lead in the scene.

Scene Three: Erika Jordan tries to negotiate a shorter shift, but the only thing on her boss Josh River’s mind is sex he has been missing since she broke up with him. And we have an energetic scene in the back room of the bar. Josh is a very fit gent and has no problem throwing Erika around.

Scene Four: After the asteroid is discovered, Erika Jordan and the aliens leave to further examine the asteroid path at Erika’s place. Christie Stevens sends Krissy Lynn on an errand and begins flirting with Erika. And since Erika’s only options are a horn dog boss or a non-committal boyfriend, a little alien sex sounds like an upgrade. Another enthusiastic lesbian sex scene.

Scene Five: Now that world is being destroyed Josh Rivers realizes there is one waitress he hasn’t had sex with and convinces Tasha Reign to correct that lacking. Another fast paced scene with Josh throwing Tasha around, but she seems less comfortable with this.

Scene Six: Sophia Bella’s real purpose is revealed and she is sent to the space ship where Krissy Lynn takes advantage of her. And takes advantage she does, a very aggressive performance from Krissy Lynn.

Scene Seven: Shocker the world is saved at the last moment. Erika Jordan, Christie Stevens and Ryan Driller celebrate their success with a spirited threesome. The best threesome scene I can remember from Retromedia. Erika and Christie really seem to be into each other with Ryan along as a friction prop.

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