I Was a Teenage Strangler

by Fuggy on January 13, 2009


WOW. This is a game-changer in terms of my understanding of the Factory 2000 output. To me, sometimes William Hellfire and his cast of lovelies seemed to be goofing around half-stoned when they filmed their little SHVS video nasties about strangulation, fake vampirism, strangulation, fake cannibalism, and strangulation. And though they were probably half-stoned for this one too, it’s a little different in this case. They brung it here. They really brung it.

Most of the bringing involves Michi Malangus and Chelsea Mundae, here going under the name Daisy DeWright, or as the trailer credits her, “the Uninhibited Daisy”. That’s an understatement. Let’s see… Daisy has a faked coprophagia scene. Michi fingers herself, followed by a rape and strangulation, which looks very real (not the strangulation, obviously). There’s a bloody blowjob given (yes it’s real). Daisy pees (yes it’s real).

And then there’s the abortion sequence. Daisy feels the need to rid Michi of her rape baby, so she sticks a coat hanger up her hoo-haw (yes it’s real). According to the booklet, when the coat hanger came out, it was missing its protective Saran Wrap, so Daisy reaches into Michi’s hoo-haw to fish for it (yes it’s real). When Daisy finally finds what she’s looking for, it turns out to be a tiny little aborted fetus, which kind of looks like a delicious Jelly Baby (no it’s not real).

In addition to all this, there’s the plot involving a serial strangler terrorizing a group of teenagers, random blood-splattering, some lesbianism, a guy who will later appear on Project Runway, a scalding, no less than three vomiting scenes (two real), and some groovy Jess Franco-quality beats on the soundtrack.  Sound like fun yet?  It’s so over the top, how can you not have fun, even if you have to watch through your fingers occasionally.

Much of the value of a Seduction DVD lies in their amazingly informative booklets written by Ed Grant of Media Funhouse. In addition to the fun fact about the Saran Wrap, there are plenty of behind the scenes stories shared by the principals involved, including the tale of a lost scene involving Daisy doing, uh, going Number Two that was accidentally taped over. I can’t decide if I’m happy about that or not. We also learn the derivation of the name Factory 2000, if you, like me, were always curious.

There are faults to be found of course. The perversions are front-loaded for one thing, and by the time Daisy’s been strangled, the craziness pretty much expires with her. As Hellfire notes in the booklet, this shoot was mostly a practical joke:  they were trying to make a fetish video, but filled it with so much transgressive content that they pretty much challenged the pervy punters out there to actually get off on it. Well, I’ve admitted to having a Chelsea Mundae fetish, so I wonder what it says about me that all the manic filthiness she gets up to in this video only confirms my love for her. I’d rather not explore this notion.

This video is also notable for one other thing: near the end, an actress shows up by the name of Li’l Erin DeWright, all Audrey Hepburn and eye-shadow and tomboy slacks, making her first appearance for Factory 2000. Li’l Erin is charged with the task of discovering all the bodies, as well as being chased by the strangler in the final scenes. Thus does she exhibit her innate ability to scream and play the doe-eyed victim, an ability which will serve her well for the next decade as the future Misty Mundae, world-famous softcore diva.

Still, make no mistake; this video belongs to the uninhibited Daisy, aka Chelsea Mundae, who makes it into what it is, a must-see for all fans of underground cinema. Here, it’s all about Chelsea – in this case, Misty is just another manic Mundae.

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