Corporate Fantasy

by Wikkid on June 4, 2004


I had high hopes for this movie for several reasons. First and foremost, the fact that it was produced by Mystique, who has put out some of the hottest softcore out there. Second, the cast. Tracy Smith, Catalina Larranaga, Susan Featherly—that is a superstar line-up as far as I’m concerned. Three of my all-time favorite girls. I’m set. I could really care less about the plot at this point. Now all they have to do is deliver the heat…and that is where this movie fails.

First, the plot. Daisy (Tracy Smith) is an uptight receptionist, newly hired to a photography company. The guys in the office are a bunch of chauvinists of the highest order, so they enlist Orlando (Jarod Carey), who Daisy has a crush on, to break her heart on a bet. Needless to say, Daisy eventually learns the truth and takes it upon herself to teach the guys a lesson. If you like your softcore more plot-oriented and dialogue driven, then this may be for you. In between the dialogue, you get a series of sex scenes, and only a couple of them are note-worthy.

Now the sex…or lack thereof. In fact, there are very few actual sex scenes in this movie. Susan Featherly is naked on a bed at the beginning of the movie, then never to be seen nude again. Catalina has 2 scenes, one a halfway decent b/g in a copy room, and a fairly hot g/g with the lovely Tracy. Tracy has the majority of the scenes, but most of them are either disappointing or frustrating. Her first sex scene comes via a daydream where she and Orlando (Carey) get it on Egyptian style, but that is cut off as soon as it starts to get interesting.

Tracy has another scene with Orlando that AGAIN gets cut off before anything really happens! When they finally do get together, it better have been worth the wait, right? Wrong. Slow, and boring is the only thing on the menu unfortunately. In fact the only scene that really delivers any heat is when Tracy tries out a new vibrator. She finally shows us the goods, and you’ll wonder why the rest of the movie couldn’t be like that.

There are other scenes with nudity, but only one other sex scene, and none of them are even worth mentioning. Blah is the only word that comes to mind. Beautiful girls, big budget, decent script (kudos to Ms. Larranaga for punching up some tolerable dialogue), but all of that means bupkus to a softcore movie if they can’t deliver the passionate sex scenes.

With all the potential there, it must have taken a real concentrated effort to screw the pooch this badly. Not at all what I expected from the folks at Mystique.

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