Tracy Ryan: Blonde Goddess of Softcore

by Brian on March 1, 2001

We get so many emails asking us about this popular actress that we thought we’d better put up a page dedicated to her. This will hopefully help some of you with the questions you’ve had and also save our poor, tired fingers from all that typing. So here goes, let’s take a more detailed look at this popular softcore star…

Who Is She?

Tracy doesn’t have an official bio or website that we’re aware of, but sources tell us that she grew up in Iowa and was approached by a photographer while working in a bar there. It wasn’t too long before the statuesque, naturally-breasted beauty was posing for more provocative pictures in California, which led to the adult film world and the folks at Playboy.

Although “Tracy” is likely her real first name, she uses more pseudonyms than any other softcore actress we know of. She has been known to use the following monikers: Tracy Ryan, Tracy Angeles, Jennifer George, Avalon, Crystal Munroe, Wendy, Tammy, Paige, Alison Dark, Tracy Smith, Liz Golden, Ashley Jordan, and Stacy Noel. That’s just to name a few.

During the softcore boom of the late 1990’s-early 2000’s, she was frequently cast in several of Playboy’s Indigo and Mystique EROS Collection flicks.

Has she done hardcore?

Oh yes. Tracy has done several hardcore and fetish films, videos and magazine layouts, all using different names and far too extensive to list here. Your best bet is to check out the following links:

Internet Adult Film Database - Comprehensive listing of her XXX films and videos. This site will also tell you what she does in each movie and some of the movies have links to reviews. She has used the names Avalon, Alison Dark, and Carolyn Monroe in several of her xxx vids.

Bobs Videos - she is known as “Jennifer George” here

ALS Scans - she is known as “Wendy” here

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