5 hot girl/girl softcore scenes

by Brian on October 25, 2008

It’s pretty much mandatory that every softcore movie contains at least one scene of clam-slamming carpet-munching goodness, and God knows there’s been some real toe curlers out there.

Everyone has their own favorites and it’s hard to narrow it down to just 5 (and before I finish writing this post I’m sure my list will change to another list of 5–but we can save that one for another day), but as I sit here and give this topic the serious contemplation it deserves, these are the scenes that stick out in my mind as being memorable:

5. Mia Zottoli and Holly Hollywood in Staying on Top

The babes get shiny all over in a majority of the sex scenes in this flick, with the best one being an oil-assisted, girl-on-girl massage party, where masseuse Holly Hollywood expertly treats a few of the girls to a glistening full-body rubdown. It’s the lucky Mia Zottoli (billed here as Ava Lake), however, that gets the the best stress relief of all-the special treatment-complete with mouth-to-mound “resuscitation”.

What makes it memorable? Lots of explicit nudity, which we expect from a hardcore actress like Holly, but is a pleasant surprise from a strictly softcore actress like Mia. Also, some sensual nipple sucking and biting as the girls explore every inch of each other’s body. Also, you can never go wrong bringing out the baby oil…

4. Venesa Taylor and Sara St. James in Femalien

A nice, sensual scene between a curious alien and a horny hippy. This scene was the payoff for a movie where for the most part Venesa looked gorgeous but seemed very reserved, barely touching herself while she watched other couples make love. She just didn’t seem to be “into” it. But then this final scene takes place and makes up for everything.

What makes it memorable? Though shot from a distance, this was the first time I had seen a modern American softcore film feature a spread-leg shot. Venesa lies back on the bed and opens her legs for Sara to do a 69, and I swear folks, it looks like Sara is helping herself greedily to Venesa’s slice o’ pie. If you turn up the volume you can hear the film crews’ jaws collectively hitting the floor with a THUMP! Oops, wait…that was my jaw. This “wow” moment just takes it up that extra notch on the steamometer.

3. Maria Ford and Mason Marconi in The Key to Sex

The Key to Sex is absolutely one of the best softies to ever come down the pipe from the folks at Mystique Films (brought to you by Playboy Entertainment Group). With the likes of Jeannie Millar, Monique Parent, Sara St James, Maria Ford, and Mason Marconi steaming up the screen, this flick delivers the goods and then some.

What makes it memorable? This film features a poolside romp between Maria Ford and Mason Marconi (billed as Amber Herrel) that is absolutely delicious; wet skin, nipple sucking, explicit crotch shots, and if you watch closely (and trust me, your eyeballs will be wider than headlights by this point) you will see what appears to be Maria actually licking between Mason’s legs. It might just be clever camera angles and a convincing performance, but the obvious chemistry between these two hot women makes this softcore sex scene crackle with heat.

2. Ahmo Hight and Taylor St. Claire from Hotel Exotica

This 1998 flick from Surrender Cinema features a few hot softcore sex scenes, not the least of which is a pairing between former fitness model-turned actress/nude model Ahmo Hight with Taylor St. Claire in a slow, highly erotic dream sequence. Ahmo actually does the splits on a counter top and bends over to offer her glistening netherbits to a curious St. Clair

What makes it memorable? Check out the screencap and ask yourself how often you’ve seen that particular position in a late-night softcore flick. Landon Hall might have been the lead but Ahmo owned this movie. She literally devoured both St. Claire and her male partner with an enthusiastic performance that breathed life into what would have otherwise been a fairly mediocre flick.

1. Monique Parent and Jennifer Burton in Play Time

This movie is almost 15 years old and is still considered one of the all-time great classic softcore films. When this flick first came out it raised a lot of eyebrows, not only because it was ten times steamier than any of the Shannon Whirry and Shannon Tweed stuff that was out at the time, but because it delivered on psychological levels that most American softcore failed to reach.

What makes it memorable? Although female masturbation is common in softcore films these days (and getting more and more explicit), in 1994 it was quite a treat to see Miss Parent and Burton slide their hands into their bikini bottoms and massage themselves to a satisfying climax. Even if they don’t really go at it with each other, this scene delivers an oomph that adds considerably to the film’s erotic power. A true classic.

As I mentioned above, there are tons of other worthy girl/girl scenes that are just as hot and many that are much more explicit. I’m partial to some of the older titles as those are the movies that first got me interested in the genre and are the most memorable. Of course, Seduction Cinema has built their entire catalog on lesbian softcore, and there are certainly some gems that deserve mention (and don’t involve guys in gorilla suits!). And hell, I didn’t even get to the European flicks yet, so I’m sure this list will grow and grow and grow.

In the meantime, feel free to comment and add your own favorite scenes…

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